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What about the concern of the association „shamanic network Europe e.V.“ under the umbrella of ANME e.V.?

We just finished our first festival at castle Ludwigstein, right in the middle of Germany. Not only Germans, but Norwegian, Estonian, Austrian, Finnish and Irish guests came to the 4 day event of „Shamanic Network Europe e.V.“ The topic there was „traditional healing work and spiritual customs in Europe“. Till now we arranged only week-end seminaries about the same subjects. For us, these both aspects are closely connected. We will show this by an important example.

Everybody knows that the diagnosis „depression“ is increasing all over Europe. The background is a very simple, but severe thing: people are lonely in a society which is a party of lots of „lonesome riders“. Cultural roots and close connection to nature are very rare in Europe these days. Even most common ethical values of society have been sacrificed to self centered ideals. Many circumstances of working places give heavy pressure to many people too. This is enough to get depressed because this lifestyle is not appropriate to human species.  But psychopharmaca and an individual psychotherapie might not solve all of these complex reasons of depression.

As „ANME e.V.“ says in the „CAM mapping“, „shamanism“ is one point on the list. So our European shamanic view for example on healing depression is that it is necessary to work hand in hand and step by step by healing our lives. To be nourished by an European cultural identity and to be reconnected with nature, all of us need to practice authentic European customs and European ritual healing arts. This will raise true feelings of community and spiritual values in live. Both is basic to shamanic healing work, specially needed in Europe. These experiences will be an important part of any concept to heal depression. But this theme is not only in the hand of a single healer. This should be a great vision and an encouraged working together. But think of Stonehenge!  It worked!

This example shows the way we see our specific work in general. This is why we want to be connected with other people going the same path like ANME e.V. and us!

The board of Shamanic Network Europe e.V.                                                                         

Hildegard Fuhrberg

Member of the Board
Brookkehre 11, 21029 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 - 40 724 24 20, Fax: +49 - 40 724 22 14
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