Aims and functions

The Association for Natural Medicine in Europe promotes innovative politics in the field of complementary and alternative medicine - on european, national and local level:

  • as a non governmental organisation (NGO) which represents the interests of traditional naturopathy and of natural medicine (CAM) in the fields of health, nutrition, consumer protection and research at European and national level.
  • as a NGO which brings together european, national and local specialized groups, professional organisations and associations as well as patient groups and biopharmaceutical producers, training institutes and committed individuals
  • does voluntary and non-party work and serves the well-being of all European citizens.
  • supports the work of specialized groups, patient groups, national and European institutes as well as groups which work contributes to reinforce and promote the importance of complementary and alternative medicine.
  • rejects a unilateral definition of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) (e.g. through religious fanaticism, the so-called scientifically proven effectiveness, the commercial monopoly on training and research, the obligation to produce a diploma etc…) and stands for a pluralism respecting tradition and promoting development according to the „Lisbon strategy“(amongst others „learn from each other“, preservation of the local differences and diversities).

The aims of ANME are stated in our charter. The concrete implementation is explained in detail in the concept paper „The two pillars of health“. A complementary and alternative medicine focused on its individual needs and on equal footing, constitutes together with a modern and academic medicine the basis of the national healthcare systems in all Europe .