Commented Report on the German TV-magazine „ARD Report Munich“ broadcasted 2013-11-5

by Dr.M.Schmidt

On 5. November 2013, 9.45 pm, the German TV station ARD broadcasted the contribution of Mike Lingenfelser and Hendrik Loven: „Disputed dietary supplements. Do these preparations alleviate the complaints of women in menopause”? Prior to broadcasting the TV crew had made an interview with the Isoflavone Research Initiative. During this interview it became quite clear that the general outcome of this contribution, made upon an initiative of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, would be a tearing apart of the isoflavones. Nothing we had to say would make any change to this intention. In fact, just a tiny fraction of one answer of the total interview (questions and answers can be found on the website) was broadcasted. All other statements on efficacy and safety did quite obviously not fit into the concept. In the following the statements from the eight-minute contribution are presented with a comment. If one takes the time to more closely follow the line of “arguments”, it is easily recognisable how tendentious and manipulative this contribution was – at the expense of women suffering from menopausal complaints once again left alone with their problems.

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