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Association for Natural Medicine in Europe e.V.

... for natural health promotion in Europe!


Association for Natural Medicine in Europe e.V.

... for natural health promotion in Europe!


Extended board

President: Nora Laubstein

ANME President

Based in Gelnhausen. Co-Founder, General Secretary until 2007, and President since 2007
Background in Philology and Ethnology, and languages: German, English, and Spanish
1992-1995, Heilpraktiker studies in Frankfurt, including practical training
1995-present, private practice as Heilpraktiker
From 2019-present, President of Deutscher Naturheilbund e.V. (
Docent for health-professional organisations in the fields of Naturopathy, CAM, and health policy
From 1998-present, member of the advisory board for Union Deutscher Heilpraktiker e.V.
Docent for health-professional organizations and other interested parties in the field of CAM and health policy

Vice-President: Uwe Peters, Ph.D.

ANME Board Based in Herborn. Degree in Biology: Ruhr-Universität Bochum
1993-present, employed at Institute for Microbiology, Hessen (
1999-2010, board member and from 2010 to present, delegate of Hufelandgesellschaft
2009-present, board member: “AMT e.V.” Represents AMT in the working group, “Future of Phytotherapie.” Honorary member: “Network Management and Health e.V.”
Member of the academic advisory council: “Gemeinnützigen Europäischen Dachverbandes für Stressmedizin Bundes-Verband Deutschland e.V.”
Numerous publications in the field of natural medicine, in particular microbiological therapy

Vice-President: Lauren Tuchman, MSTOM

L TuchmanBased in Heidelberg. In office since 2018. ANMEs contact person for the EU agency EFSA in Parma and UNESCO-International in Paris. Nationally certified as Diplomate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM, THSU,USA) (
Specialized training in Traditional Japanese Pediatric Medicine (shonishin) (STEAM, Amsterdam, Netherlands). Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Master in Nutrition, (Premier Research Labs, USA). MSc. Traditional Chinese and East Asian Medicine, MA Medical Anthropology. Active engagement in food and dietetics, preventative medicine, food security, food policy, and nutrition education. Specialist in translations.

General Secretary: Christina Blank

ANME General secretaryBased in Burgwedel-Wettmar. Heilpraktikerin and freelance Occupational Therapist
2010-present, working as a practitioner focusing on Ayurvedic Medicine and Kalari-Tradition (
Member of ANME since 2007
2009, elected to the ANME advisory board; additionally serves as minute-keeper
2012, elected to the ANME board as general secretary

Treasuress: Renate Köchling-Dietrich

ANME board Renate Koechling DietrichBased in Hanau. Heilpraktikerin and Shiatsu Practitioner, working in private practice and as a Shiatsu teacher and lecturer.
Managing Director: Tanasue GmbH, House of Japanese Medicine in Hanau, ( Responsible for the Bachelor course in Complementary Methods at Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB).
Numerous other training/education:
Wellmother, | Far Eastern health counseling, Bazi Suanming, Qigong.
Additionally: Banking professional; MA Art History

Advisory Board:

Ralf Dissemond

ANME BoardBased in Euskirchen. Registered German Naturopath and practitioner of homeopathy, and from 2005-present, practitioner working in private practice
2009 received certification in Germany by “Stiftung Homöoapathie-Zertifikat”
2009-present, President of “Verband klassischer Homöopathen Deutschlands" - VKHD (, an association representing Heilpraktikers practicing classical homeopathy. Currently, treasurer of the European Central Council for Homeopaths (ECCH): (

Mag. Maria Walcher, Expert for Intangible Cultural Heritage

ANME-BeiratIn the Austrian Folk Song Association - the umbrella organization of the folk song associations of the federal states - I was able to use my experience as well as the knowledge I gained in my studies of folklore and musicology. Finally, the concept of tradition experienced an unexpected expansion and recognition through the new UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2003. The implementation of this international convention in Austria was entrusted to me. On the question of "Is Traditional European Medicine/TEM also a cultural heritage?", the main players - the Ministry of Health, the Chamber of Physicians and Pharmacists, knowledge carriers in various healing professions, and producers of relevant products - jointly developed strategies in working groups and symposia for the preservation of a heritage recognized as valuable.

My personal saying: I continue to follow my heart; the mind does not have to know!

Maria Leoni Georgopoulou

ANME boardBased in Athens. Education in Greece and internationally; works as Naturopath, holistic therapist, and as holistic therapies (i.e., Reiki) educator. Additionally, experienced in psycho-energetic diagnosis
2013, founded the educational, cultural, and humanitarian non-profit: “Omorfos Kosmos” (Beautiful World) (— Providing e-learning aromatherapy, flower essence, and holistic nutrition courses. Support and humanitarian aid goes to indigent and largely single-parent families
2015-present, president of the Social Cooperative, “Anthea,” where she creates products for charity. She also imports orchid flower essences, “Living Tree Orchids,” from Scotland, and products for the protection from geopathic stress and radiation from Australia

Tomáš Pfeiffer

Tomáš PfeifferBased in Prague; a member of ANME since 2018; a member of numerous international organizations in the area of CAM; the founder and director of the Institute for TCIM/CAM; the initiator of the World Health Congress 2021 Prague and the Platform 2020 Prague; a philosopher and biotronicist; the director of the Professional Chambre Sanator, founder of the Foundation of Josef Zezulka, which operates the Biotronic Centre for Social Support with the focus on health prevention; the founder of the Spiritual University Bytí whose lectures are held all over the Czech Republic and are also broadcast by the Biovid TV; the founder of the TOMÁŠ PFEIFFER – DIMENZE 2+2 Publishing. He has performed in many TV and radio programmes devoted to CAM and philosophy. He also worked in the Committee for Alternative medicine of the Czech Health Ministry. He works on the projects of active protection of the world cultural heritage UNESCO. He established the Society of Josef Zezulka which is the 38th registered church in the Czech Republic.

Markéta Laciková

ANME Board Based in the area of Prague; Degree in International Politics and Diplomacy: Prague University of Economics and Business; languages: English, French; works as a freelance communication specialist; represents the Professional Chambre Sanator — the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka as a member of the department for national and international cooperation: Active support of the efforts of Sanator to include CAM fields in the healthcare system and facilitate the cooperation of conventional and non-conventional medicine; Support of Josef Zezulka’s Biotronics — including its promotion and recognition in healthcare structures.

Zeynep Sayman

ANME BoardBased in Berlin. Qi Gong Trainer: Deutsche Qi Gong Gesellschaft & Chan Mi Gong Gesellschaft Diploma in Design, University of the Arts Bremen
2004 - present, freelance graphic & web designer: (
2012 - present, member of the advisory board and ANME-art-director, including content-management administrator for the ANME-Website