CAM Practitioners

Who can treat whom and how? Monopolies are constantly being set up, which decide whether the profession is legal or illegal. The implementation of the precautionary principle at the beginning of the 21st century demands every practitioner abide by accurate documentation.


Lifelong Learning

State-regulation or not — this is resounding question across Europe. Quality assurance, safety, effectiveness and efficiency should be guaranteed by training. So far, only health insurance companies and universities have defined what this actually means, but not professional and professional societies.


EU, WHO and UN

In general, the EU actually has no powers in the health field, but it does set up health programs. The EU, WHO, and UN proposals apply to the individual nation states and can be implemented voluntarily.


Events and Reports

Health policy takes place on five levels: local, regional, national, continental, and global. Each of these levels offers information and networks that are worth reporting on. Our reports are authentic, direct, and directly related to natural medicine/CAM.


Medicines and Products, EMA

Many small and family based manufacturers and/or companies produce organic and biological medicines. It is not easy for these manufacturers or companies because they have to follow the same rules and regulations set up for the multi-billion dollar “big pharma” industry.


Food and Supplements, EFSA

Food should be your remedy! Dietary supplements are part of food law and, if approved by the authorities, can use health-related statements. Because the approval is easier and cheaper, many manufacturers take this route. The EU-agency EFSA also works related to pesticides and bee-products.