Variety of Treatments

Today there are over eighty different complementary methods and alternative treatments. This also includes independent healing systems from different cultures and traditions. A common basis and unifying link throughout is holistic thinking.


For a Free and Healthy Europe

While the foundation for European legislation is under the control of the national states, together our states work to promote the free choice of therapy, choice of practitioner, and the option for self-care and self-help/improvement in both the public and private market.


Who We Are and What We Do

As a European umbrella organization, ANME works on behalf of the common interests of citizens, patients, therapists, and manufacturers in the field of remedies and natural healing methods. We build capacity and raise awareness about the scope and versatility of and for natural medicine.

The ANME Advancement Award

The ANME Advancement Award honors health policy activities, scientific or literary works, as well as practice-oriented projects and personalities within the European area, which correspond to the guiding idea of a TM/CAM culture in the sense of an intangible cultural heritage and give impulses for user and consumer education. This guiding idea of culture and TM/CAM sees both as a unity and wants to contribute to a careful use of natural resources (soil, air, water, plants, animals, humans) in the use and development of traditional healing methods, the promotion of health and cultural heritage.
The ANME award is endowed with 1000, - EURO and is awarded every 3 years, if possible.

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