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Association for Natural Medicine in Europe e.V.

... for natural health promotion in Europe!


Association for Natural Medicine in Europe e.V.

... for natural health promotion in Europe!


Our 4 core-responsibilities


1. Remedies

Due to the Europe-wide re-registration process (1979-2002) and the expansion of the remedy pool from other continents, many traditionally used medicines were lost or changed with ever new regulations as a result of the new legislation. Genuine innovations are thus very expensive and time-consuming when it comes to re-registration.

  1. Medicines

    1. Traditional use
    2. Well-established use
  2. Medicinal products

  3. Food

      • Food
      • Water
  4. Food supplements

    1. without health claims
    2. with health claims
    3. Novel food
  5. Cosmetics

    1. Bath additives
    2. Essential oils
    3. Skin Care
    4. Soaps


2. Free Treatment

Harmonization of the professions and requests for monopolization by individual health care professions are increasingly hampering the free practice of the profession. Under the compulsion of state-recognized training, quality assurance and ongoing certification, costs are rising. Thus, fewer and fewer citizens have a free choice.

  1. User related

    • Training
    • Quality assurance
  2. Patients + consumers related

    • Patients' rights
    • Data protection
  3. Diagnostic and therapeutic methods

    • of traditional, complementary and
    • from the field alternative medicine and medicine
  4. National legislation

    • WHO-Benchmarks
  5. Training rules / co-determination of professional associations


3. Study design

There is an urgent need to finally develop a suitable, scientifically recognized evaluation possibility of CAM/T&CM/naturopathy. A simple evaluation according to leading substance and indication-related criteria of todays standardized, industrial system does not do justice to this.

  1. Challange

    • Individual psycho-social aspect
  2. Solution approach:

    • Stimulus-and-response principle
    • Assessment according to either/ or
    • Degrading or overshooting
  3. Solution approach:

    • Interdisciplinary approach to metastudy
    • Qualitative research
    • Observation
    • Invention
    • Prospective
    • Retrospective


4. Cultural Heritage

"What grandma still knew..."- proved for centuries, passed down through generations: Knowledge, experience, craftsmanship in the family and community. Old recipes, healing songs and dances, observing nature and its rhythms.

  1. Traditional context and regional history

  2. Customs and group events

    • Animal welfare
    • Shaman protecting animals
  3. Rituals and spiritual context

    • Ethical issues
    • Cultural development
  4. Artisan production

    • Security of supply
    • Teaching and learning
  5. Agricultural cultivation

    • Animal husbandry
    • Mining and collection