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Association for Natural Medicine in Europe e.V.

... for natural health promotion in Europe!


Association for Natural Medicine in Europe e.V.

... for natural health promotion in Europe!


National and European Symposia

In 2004, ANME e.V. started to organize national and European  symposia to discuss the current situation of complimentary and alternative medicine/ CAM in Europe.

“CAM  in Europe- quo vadis” was the title of the first four symposiums dedicated to working out how CAM development in Europe can be defined.  Now in 2013 “CAM in Europe - wellCAM!” has been chosen as the new title, because it is obvious that CAM touches the Europeans and it is on everyone’s lips…

Therefore, renowned representatives of CAM therapies and CAM remedies (doctors, pharmacists and therapists, all specialists in complimentary and alternative medicine) have been invited  as high-level speakers and attendees. In 2010 in Vienna, there were about 80 participants from 14 different countries.

Since 2010, ANME e.V. has expanded the concept of the symposiums and now offers workshops for the participants to actively take part in the discussions. The focus is on finding a political position which ANME e.V. can represent in negotiations with political authorities in the future. With these symposiums, ANME e.V. additionally supports an objective dialogue and the definition of a common concept between the CAM communities.


The ANME-Advancement-Award (AAA) for merits in complementary and alternative medicine (TM/CAM) in Europe

The ANME Advancement Award honors health policy activities, scientific or literary works, as well as practice-oriented projects within the European area, which correspond to the guiding idea of a TM/CAM culture in the sense of an intangible cultural heritage and give impulses for user and consumer education.

This guiding idea of culture and TM/CAM sees both as a unity and wants to contribute to a careful use of natural resources (soil, air, water, plants, animals, humans) in the use and development of traditional healing methods, the promotion of health and cultural heritage.

The ANME award is endowed with 1000,- EURO. It is awarded every 2 years, if possible

The ANME Promotion Prize is awarded to

  • a personality
  • a project or
  • a scientific work which has comprehensively dealt with the topic of naturopathy, traditional, complementary or alternative medicine (TM/CAM). This can be done in terms of prevention, health promotion and cultural practice, as well as on a health policy and developmental level. The decisive factor is the impetus and significance for an implementation of these findings in Europe and the nation states.

Awards can be given in particular for achievements

  • In education and training (meaning: the development of outstanding training concepts and quality assurance, EQF, ECVET)
  • In the promotion, recognition and dissemination of TM/CAM (this can be personal therapeutic or journalistic achievements, but also achievements in cooperation thatpromote TM/CAM institutionally, e.g. cooperation, networking, project work, initiation of international cooperation)
  • Services of journalism and dissemination of knowledge and information about CAM
  • For the development, as well as the preservation and securing of the availability of remedies and therapy procedure

The achievement to be awarded should have a special publicity effect. The awarder should be in cooperation with institutions and persons who promote TM/CAM and point beyond individuals.

Our previous award winners can be found on our website at:

The application procedure

Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals by October 1 of the current calendar year. For this purpose, it is necessary to clearly name the submitted proposals, indicating the person, project or work from the European area, to attach a justification and the contact details and to send this by e-mail to the office. Without these documents, the Executive Board will not be able to process.

  • The application can be made either directly or by proposal. Applications from all areas of TM/CAM are welcome. Membership in ANME is not a prerequisite.
  • Individuals and legal entities are eligible to apply.
  • All members of the extended ANME board are excluded from candidacy.
  • Proposals and applications must be submitted to the office by the deadline. The collected applications will be forwarded to the Extended ANME Board. The latter makes a reasoned choice. The award winner will be announced at the next Annual Membership Assembly.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony should take place in a public ceremony or in a festive setting. The location is flexible. It will be chaired by a member of the executive board. In order to increase the public impact, cooperation with a major event with suitable content is sought.


Please send your proposals, together with meaningful justifications and documents, by e-mail to our office:

Status: March 2022