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Association for Natural Medicine in Europe e.V.

... for natural health promotion in Europe!


Why Are Nosodes An Indispensable Part of The Treasure Trove of Natural Medicine?

What are nosodes?

Nosodes are non-infectious, homeopathic medicines made from pathogens or disease products. The root word "Noso-" comes from Greek and is best defined as “disease.” The use of nosodes has far reach as a treatment method, well beyond the particular disease it is itself made of.

What is the significance of nosodes within classic single-remedy homeopathy?

Even today, nosodes are an indispensable part of classical homeopathy and are used as single remedies in many treatment cases. Constantin Hering, considered the first homeopath to systematically examine the medicinal use of potentised disease products beginning in 1832, introduced them into treatment and coined the term “nosode.”

What is the difference between vaccination and nosode treatment?

Vaccinations target the immune system to produce specific antibodies. Treatment with nosodes is based on the homeopathic principle of healing “similar with similar.” This thereby relies on the holistic responsiveness of the human organism for cure.

Does classic single-remedy homeopathy use nosodes based on the principle of similarity?


Are nosodes only used within the classic single-remedy homeopathy?

No, they are also used in complex-homeopathy, bio-resonance therapy and electro-acupuncture according to Dr.Voll.

Is treatment with nosodes an independent form of therapy?

No, the therapeutic use of nosodes is part of single-remedy homeopathy or other forms of therapy.

Are the nosodes still an important pillar of an individual therapy today?

Yes. This is especially so in the case of chronic disease. Most nosodes used, however, can only be obtained from abroad. This can be unsettling for both patients and therapists because the quality standard of imported medicinal products cannot always be fully guaranteed.

What role do nosodes play in daily practice?

Nosodes are often the missing link in difficult treatments. Their use brings movement and hope to otherwise unaided conditions. When the use of nosodes is no longer possible, many patients unfortunately have a more challenging time diminishing the negative effects chronic diseases and nurturing their bodies to heal.

What does the drastic reduction in available analog nosodes mean for patients?

Both therapists and their patients are missing important medicines that were taken for granted in the past!

What is the position of German pharmaceutical law on nosodes?

The effectiveness of homeopathic medicinal products has notoriously been questioned by approval authorities. In addition to this, more stringent regulations have been applied to the manufacture of nosodes. This ensures the sterility and non-infectivity of the nosodes, thereby safely protecting the patient.

Is there a difference between the German pharmaceutical law and the European Medicines Law?

The responsible EU authority within the Heads of Medicines Agency (HMA) currently only has one nosode, Pyrogenium, on its list. European pharmaceutical law is primarily geared towards “harmonizing the markets.” Although actual legislative competence lies with the nation states, the European regulations are interpreted rather strictly.

Why has the number of therapeutic nosodes been reduced so drastically?

While nosode use has not been officially banned, production and market approval that meets all regulations is increasingly unaffordable for manufacturers. One might speculate that having nosodes readily available is being discouraged, in addition to any safety concerns.

How do the manufacturers in Germany or in other EU countries react?

Due to financial concerns, manufacturers can no longer meet the increasing requirements of the authorities. Therefore, companies have to either reduce or discontinue their range and distribution of nosodes. All that remains are the nosodes whose sales figures are high enough to offset the cost of production and quality assurance testing.

Should nosodes treatment also to be viewed as an application of an intangible cultural heritage (ICH)?

Like most natural treatment systems and methods, classic single-remedy homeopathy with all its medicinal products is a cultural heritage as defined by UNSECO. The use of nosodes has become a valuable treasure for the treatment of patients all over the world and should continue to be accessible and utilized in the future.

What are the prospects for the use of nosodes?

Nosodes are invaluable as important components of single-remedy homeopathy in the case of treating chronic disease. Non-communicable diseases are also better treated when nosodes are included as a therapeutic tool. Additionally, increasing resistance to antibiotics/antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the presence of new germs and diseases means that there is an important need to combat and curtail effect and proliferation. Nosodes are an important aid in the health-promoting treatment of patients. The official requirements should therefore be urgently reviewed and reformulated in order to positively promote expansion— rather than decrease—the ability to offer and utilize nosodes.

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